security camera installation in guwahati


The retail industry has metamorphosed to a great extent since last decade with the entries of the big names in the market. With the emergence of luxury brands, high-end products, the retail sector is attracting burglary and nefarious intrusions. S M Infotech is offering its comprehensive solution to overcome the various challenges of the same field like theft, inventory shrinkage, and others that may expose you to a severe vulnerability.

security camera installation in guwahati


Surveillance at the point of sale aims at monitoring the transactions taking place on the counter to prevent any kind of the monetary theft. It is the most crucial point and prone to the criminal activities.
security camera installation in guwahati


You can keep eyes on the shop and its monetary transactions even when you are not around. If you don’t have any idea about the empty locker, then a CCTV camera footage can help you to identify the guilty and take the further action.

security camera installation in guwahati


To prevent theft and property damage, the importance of an efficient surveillance monitoring system cannot be ignored. It also helps in the efficient management of the space in the parking lot and deters any kind of chaos.

S M Infotech Solutions

We have distinct solutions for the varied surveillance requirements of the retail sector. To offer an effective and real-time monitoring solution in the retail sector, we have IP cameras with the inbuilt analytics. To keep watch on the POS transactions, we offer IP scameras with integrated POS. Our surveillance system is also endowed with the intelligent alarm system to maintain a real-time monitoring. Our IP cameras with an intelligent system can spot an empty shelf and send you an alert in less than no time.

The main issues that need monitoring in the Retail Sector

  • To keep eyes on the transactions, taking place at the point of sale
  • To secure parking lots
  • To maintain a real-time monitoring with security alerts
  • To get a clue of the lost or stolen money from the counter
  • To keep eyes on the store, when you are not arounds