Biometric Systems Supplier In Assam

Integrated Security Solutions For Education Sector

The demand of campus security is increasing enormously in order to establish a safe and sound learning environment. S M  Infotech offers a wide array of the robust security solutions to overcome the multi-pronged issues related to the security of educational institutes like drugs, weapons, and harassment. S M Infotech is offering its comprehensive solution to keep the campus and conveyance unharmed.

Biometric Systems Supplier In Assam


S M Infotech offers an integrated security solution for the classrooms that helps in monitoring the activities happening in the classroom, ensuring parents about the security of their children, and identifying & capturing undesired offenders in the classroom.
Biometric Systems Supplier In Assam


The need for the security in the college campus can not be avoided as they are highly prone to the criminal activities. S M Infotech offers a wide range of the security solutions for university and college campus in order to create a safer environment to learn.
Biometric Systems Supplier In Assam


The laboratory surveillance system prevents people from the chemicals and at the same time chemicals from people. S M Infotech offers a comprehensive range of the security solutions to obstruct laboratory chemical theft and their use for a nefarious intention.

S M Infotech Solutions

At S M Infotech, we offer high-resolution IP cameras to monitor the behavior of the teachers and students within the premises and in classrooms. Our cutting-edge cameras are equipped with the bidirectional microphone support to maintain an effective communication in the campus. To track the entry and exit of the vehicles or individual, our IP cameras are endowed with the perimeter detection. We made remote surveillance accessible to parents over the cloud to assure them of their children’s security. Our Round’O Clock assistance can impede all kinds of illegal practices within the educational institutes.

Main Issues That Need Monitoring In Education Sector

  • Behavior of teacher in the class
  • Behavior of students in the class
  • Communication and transport
  • Track the entry and exit of the individuals and vehicles within the premises
  • Keep parents assured of their children’s security
  • Impede illegal practices in the campus